Welcome to Cabbagetown

Toronto, Ontario

Celebrated as one of the largest collections of Victorian era homes in North America, the charming neighbourhood of Cabbagetown is a local treasure. Cozy laneways, wrought iron fences and inviting gardens define the elegance of the area. Carefully restored homes line intimate streets, capturing the setting's timeless appeal.

This unique neighbourhood was first established in the mid-nineteenth century, with an eclectic mix of Victorian houses forming the heart of the district. Its colourful name is said to have originated from early inhabitants who grew cabbage in their gardens. From this rustic lifestyle, the area began a transition in the 1970s, when its potential as a stylish neighbourhood was recognized by new residents. They began to restore the character homes, while retaining the original classicism of the town.

Today, Cabbagetown is designated as a Heritage Conservation District by the City of Toronto, and visitors are often struck by its distinctive architecture and character. Enhancing its attraction is scenic Riverdale Farm, which borders the area to the east and provides a unique connection to the earth through a working farm and nature trails.

This well-appointed downtown location is steps away from numerous shopping, dining and cultural escapes. As a beautifully preserved example of a turn-of-the-century neighbourhood, Cabbagetown offers a perfect combination of urban living and old world charm.


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